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Art Students League classes

Beginner's art class LondonOur beginner’s art classes are held in our central London’s art studio. In these classes, students are taught the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting, such as lines, shading, mixing colours, compositions and dimensions. They will achieve a good understanding of forms by first learning to draw various geometric shapes and single objects. They will then proceed to painting, and will be taught colour mixing techniques, colour values and how brush strokes can be applied for various textures. In our Beginner Classes, students will be introduced to basic drawing/painting materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, oil paints, watercolour and acrylic.

These classes are aimed for those with a passion for art but has never taken art classes, or those who have taken art classes a long time ago and wish to pick up drawing/painting again. These classes are also suitable for young people who are thinking of applying to art schools. If you wish to relax and have a bit of fun while learning about art, or simply to get away from the stressful workdays, this is also the class for you.

What you will achieve on completing the course
The step-by-step nature of our Beginner Classes allows students to easily acquire and improve their basic drawing and painting techniques . At the end of the course, students will have a good grasp of forms, the ability to use basic materials and a motivation to develop their new skills.

Please note that the classes do not include materials, except for paper for pencil drawings.

We have different materials including drawing and painting packs for sale at our studio. The drawing and painting packs are recommended by our professional art teachers, and when you purchase the materials at our studio our art tutors will also go through the materials with you prior to purchasing. Our art materials come at a very competitive price. We recommended you to purchase the materials at our studio as when you purchase art supplies on you own you might take the risk of buying the wrong materials.

For more information you can see what materials are for sale on our website under ‘Art store – materials’.

How to sign up
Step 1: We require new students to pay for the classes online first, under the ‘uition Fee / Sign Up Online’ .
Step 2: After payment, then use the account detail below to book your first lesson, under the Password: first_time_user
Step 3: Please bring proof of purchase during your first art lesson (e-receipt).

Students’ works

Still life drawing -silver tea pot
Title: Still life drawing - Silver teapot set
Medium:Drawing on paper
Student's Name: Anastasia Kuznetsova
Class Concours with Cenedella Students — Art Students
Class Concours with Cenedella Students — Art Students ...
Robert Cenedella, Drawing from Life Class — Art Students
Robert Cenedella, Drawing from Life Class — Art Students ...
Weaving Class at The Art League
Weaving Class at The Art League
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